OW. Community

We connect people in the areas of innovation, sustainability and entrepreneurship in the fashion industry. This way we make  sustainable fashion tangible, comprehensible, but most of all: attractive.

In the community we speak Dutch and English.

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”

– African proverb

Join online

Via our Facebook closed group you can informally and easily join in the discussion. It’s a neutral and safe place for  individuals and professionals to ask questions, share information and knowledge with the rest of the group. To ensure the OW. platform stays relevant, we invite and sometimes ask members to express their opinion about the content we’re making and activities we initiate.

Receive our heads-up

No lengthy newsletters and definitely not too often. Just once every two months we would like to do something special for everyone who actively follows our platform. Via our heads-up you will receive exclusive content and some occasional benefits. We do this because we want to share our drive to make fashion (and the world) more sustainable with everyone who actively supports this mission.


In case you only want to be updated about our meetups, we post them on the Meetup community.

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